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What Is Insta Story Saver .?

Insta Story Saver is the Best tool that helps you download stories, videos, reels, posts, and highlights In a Single Click to the system or mobile gallery without any Registration or fill the captcha. Insta Story Saver helps the user to Download all the Instagram Content. 

Why should you use Insta Story Saver.?

As we all know Instagram allows users to keep the stories only for 24 hours. After 24 hours the owner of the story are not able to see but they can watch the stories in their archive section. But other people can’t see the story. Therefore, you should use it for downloading the user’s story within To See 24 hours.

What is the Feature of Insta Story Saver? 

Free to use

100% Free

You will get an Insta story saver free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to download the videos From Instagram. 



It is safe and Secure. It means you don’t have to give any account details and phone Numbers which raises your Privacy.

Private Account

Private Account

The main feature of Insta story saver is that you can simply download any private account user’s stories or uploaded posts, Reels.

Original Quality

Original Quality

You will get the original quality of Images, posts, Video when you download these things from the amazing tool of Insta Story Saver.

Device Compatibility

Device Compatibiliy

it also so Gives Device Compatibility to the Users. you can open it on any type of device because it is mobile-friendly. 

No Need app

No Need App

To download anything from Instagram you don’t need to install any additional app, you can download anything by access our Instagram story downloader tool online

Instagram Tools

Story downloader tool

Story Downloader

If you want to see someone’s story Anonymously, then you can watch and download it with the help of story saver instagram tool. If you do not have to download the story, then in this tool you can also watch the story online, you do not even need to download it.

Reels Downloader

As We Can See, Instagram Launches Its New Feature, Which Is Instagram Reels. With The Help Of Insta story saver, Users Can Easily Download The Instagram Reels Directly To The SmartPhone Gallery Or In The Computer System.

Reel Downloader
instagram igtv downloader

IGTV Downloader

Users can download any IGTV Videos from Instagram directly. Users can download the uploaded posts of another person too With the Insta story saver without any heavy effort.

Photo Downloader

You don’t need to put a large effort to download the Picture or Videos what you have to do is switch the Insta story saver and download your favorite Photos.

Photo Downloader

How to download Instagram stories & view them anonymously?

Imagine, your friend uploads a Video or Photos on Instagram and you love the photos but you are not able to download the Photos or the Videos because Instagram does not allow you to play with Privacy. No doubt it is a privacy matter for Instagram.

But here is one way to Download the Instagram stories which is with the Help of the Insta story saver. YESS… with the help of this tool you can download the stories of any user of Instagram and you can easily store the story in your smartphone memory. 

How to Download the Instagram Stories? 

how to download Instagram story step 1

#1: Copy Story Link

Open Instagram Application and Copy Link Of Story, Photo, video Those You Want To Download.

how to download Instagram story step 2

#2: Paste The Link

Now You Have To Open This InstaStorySaver.Com Website And Paste URL Or Username.

how to download Instagram story step 3

#3: Download Story

tap on the Download button. Save the story on your phone gallery in just one tap.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

customer 1

Mehul Sharma

Thanks, it is an amazing tool. To download the Instagram stories, Insta story saver is a safe, secure, and fast application. You can easily download the stories.

customer 2

Manish Kumar

With these 2 or 3 small simple steps, you can easily download any user story in your phone gallery. Also, you can download the stories of the celebrity.

customer 3

Karan Singh

I have used a lot of tools but not all of them work, but this tool works perfectly without any issues. You Can Also Download The IGTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have three ways to download instagram story, you can download instagram story below in any of these ways

1st Method –

  • copy the instagram photo ,video, igtv Url.
  • open the insta story saver site
  • Paste the url of insta story or video or photo in input box
  • tap on download button
  • wait and download story which appears at the bottom of the input form, you can download.

2nd Method –  insta story (chrome extension)

  1. First , Download The Insta Story Saver chrome extension
  2. Now, Open Instagram and login Insta account in your Pc Device
  3. play any instagram story of friends which you wanna download
  4. when story play then tap on story saver Chrome extension of top bar
  5. now story will download automatically.

3rd Method – Insta story download (android app)

  1. Open Play Store Application in your android device
  2. then search instagram story downloader or Instagram story viewer
  3. download any instagram story downloader 
  4. copy the url of insta story
  5. open Instagram story downloader
  6. paste the link 
  7. tap on download
  8. successfully downloaded

On Instagram, it allows the users to catch the stories viewers but how can someone watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Look if you want to stalk someone or you want to spy on someone you can do this with the help of our tool. YESS.. you can do this with this software. 

You have to just write the username of the Instagram story owner and click and see. Users or your Friends can’t see you on their story Viewers wall because you are spying on them with the help of it. 

Yes. You can download anything from Instagram without any login from Insta story saver. This is the main reason that Instagram story Downloader is one of the safe and secure software because it does not ask about the users’ personal information. 

Everyone can download anything from Instagram with the help of an Instagram downloader without Giving any personal information or any account or email login. 

If you are asking this by staying on Instagram then My answer is no… But if are asking this question in terms of Instagram Downloader then my answer is BIG YEs.

Instagram does not allow people to download the users’ private account information; even you cannot download your own Instagram wall with photos and videos.

But with the help of the Instagram story downloader, you can simply grab anything from the other account of Users on Instagram. 

Search the User name of the person or your friends In the Input box and select what you want to download from the user wall and tap on the Download button and save it to your phone gallery.

Because of the Instagram policies, you cannot download anything from Instagram but you can simply download with the Help of Instagram Downloader by just putting the user name.

you can use below others tool for downloading private account content.

  • W3toys
  • Downloadgram
  • Insloader
  • 10insta
  • SaveInsta
  • Gramsave
  • Insta offline
  • Instagram downloader
  • Instasave Online
  • Insta Downloader

YESS…Instagram story downloader is a safe and secure application for all Users. It is a free, safe, secure, and Trustworthy application. there are many websites like W3toys, Downloadgram, Insloader, 10insta, SaveInsta, Gramsave, instasave, etc. but our tools have lots of features. that’s why I said you to use our tool.

Why am I saying this? Because Instagram Downloader does not need any type of Personal Information, any type of account. you just have to go on Instagram Downloader and enter the URL from which you want to download the posted Video, Reels, Photos, or posts and download it.

Instagram downloaders even do not ask for a Gmail account for login this is the main and priority reason that we are saying it is one of the safe and Secure for the Users. 

Yes.. you can save someone’s Instagram content like story, Photos, Videos, OR highlights with the help of the Instagram story viewer. 

If you don’t want to download photos, videos, story, The feature of watching online video photos is also available.

But if you are on Instagram then you cannot download someone’s story, photos, videos or reel, etc. because Instagram privacy does not allow any user to download or save the data or anything of other Instagram Profiles or other Instagram Users. Even after posting the photos, videos or reel, etc the user itself can’t download anything from Instagram.

But if you know how to download and feature Instagram from any Instagram Profile you can simply download it by the Instagram Downloader. If you are afraid that if your photo video is not lost by mistake, then you should definitely download your video photos to see in the future.

How to download and all. we cover all these things many times so you can scroll up and read how to download and see the story anonymously with the help of the insta story viewer. you can also access this tool in a slow network.

  • Open Instagram app & Copy Link Of Story which you want to download.
  • Go to Instagram Story Downloader , and paste the link into the input box.
  • The story will appear in few seconds , after showing , click on the download button to save.
  • install insta story saver application in your android device.
  • open the Story Saver app, then Log in using your Instagram username and password.
  • in the main page of app, find a story which you would like to download.
  • then Tap the Save button.
  • after that, Stories will be saved in the Story Saver folder in your file manager.
  • Go to an online story downloader website.
  • in the input box , Enter the username of friend who has stories you want to download.
  • Once the username is entered, in the few seconds you will able to see all the last 24 hours stories.
  • Choose a story you want to save and click Download.

.Disclaimer – InstaStorySaver is not affiliated with Instagram And We do not host any Instagram content Like the video, Reel, or Story. Insta Story Saver Tool Is Always Free To Use For Personal And Education Purposes Only, We do not save/cache any Photo or video Data. Also, we don’t keep track of the download history of our users, this Tool is totally secure For downloading IG videos, Photos, stories, etc.  Here To Know More About Instagram Policy.  Click Here

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